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Is FlexiDESIGNER Right For You?

FlexiDESIGNER is an incredibly easy-to-learn and use professional sign design application. Unlike other design software, it has an intuitive toolset specifically made for sign and print making. It includes unique features for auto-serialization (variable data), contour cut path creation, true shape nesting and more. It makes an ideal design-only station for any RIP software, including Flexi, ONYX®, Roland Versaworks® Mimaki RasterLink™, etc.

Popular Features and Benefits
Great for environments where a design-only station will help boost productivity
Add one or more contour cut paths to graphics in seconds
Unique DesignCentral tool automatically gives the sign designer the correct controls of the object selected
Save time by instantaneously editing or updating any effect applied to any design or text object
Quickly create a variable-data print or laser engraver production run with the auto-serialization feature
Add QR, Data Matrix and bar codes to any design and create sequences in combination with the auto-serialization feature
Complete suite of bitmap, vector, text and effects creation and editing tools 
Includes extensive library of sign and print industry vinyl color sets and spot color palettes 
Save time and get designs approved quicker with the unique web-based artwork approval tool
Much easier and faster to use than other design software for wide-format job preparation
For flatbed printing workflow, add contour cuts to jobs, true shape nest them, add cutter marks and send to your RIP software (Flexi, ONYX®, Caldera®, etc…)
For laser engraver workflow, design and/or add cut layers, auto-serialize and send directly to laser engraver’s Windows driver

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