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SAi DisplayGenie is the ideal product for businesses looking to quickly and easily design custom corrugated boxes and packages. DisplayGenie box design software includes ready-to-use three-dimensional design templates for folding carton, corrugated plastic, cardboard and honeycomb rigid material to simplify structural design of boxes, packages and corrugated POP-displays.  

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The easiest software to get started with carton box creation
  • Easily create shipping boxes, gift boxes and product packaging
  • Includes a comprehensive, ready-to-use library of box and POP Display templates
  • Works great will all flatbed cutter software

Fast, Easy Box Design

  • Select from a library of ready-to-use parametric box templates 
  • Includes popular ECMA and FEFCO box templates    
  • Re-purpose the easy-to-adjust templates in seconds

Animated 3D Box Folding View

  • View your box design from all sides in full 3D
  • Animate the box folding elements separately or together 
  • Catch mistakes with packaging before going to production

Send as 3D PDF to customers for review

  • Export your box design to an interactive 3D PDF
  • View box in any PDF-viewer (with 3D support)
  • Allows full 3D rotation of package box

POWERED BY FLEXI | SAi DisplayGenie integrates with Flexi software’s easy-to-use Designer interface. 
Benefit from Flexi's popular design tools and easily add text, logos, barcodes, ready-made artwork and other design elements. 


  • Stand-alone graphic design software for boxes 
  • Easily add text, logos, patterns or other artwork to boxes
  • Add barcodes or QR codes in seconds
  • Full vector design & full bitmap editing
  • Shadows, Gradients, Masks, Welding, Outlines, etc.
  • Save box making material with True Shape Nesting
  • Design tools for white/metallic and varnish printing
  • Variable text and barcode (Auto-Serialize) tool
  • Easily add multiple cutting and scoring lines 
  • Import PDF, AI, EPS, JPEG, TIF, PNG, ...
  • Export as PDF or DXF to your flatbed cutter or wide-format RIP software


  • ECMA & FEFCO box templates
  • Polygon box and gift package design templates
  • Corrugated plastic and cardboard POP display templates 
  • Rigid Honeycomb tables, chairs and display templates

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